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13G Mission Trip – Summer 2019

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12G Mission Trip – Summer 2018



11G Mission Trip – Summer 2017







10G Mission Trip – Summer 2016








9G Mission Trip – Summer 2015










  • Scholarships: A total of 70 scholarships to pay for a year’s tuition were handed out to students at Long An. Some of the students we have supported from the very beginning with these crucial scholarships were able to enter university this year.
  • Heart Program: With the help of our generous sponsors and fundraising efforts throughout the year, we were able to raise enough money to fund 7 heart surgeries.
  • Orphanage: 9G mission goers visited Thiên Bình and Kỳ Quang Orphanages. Along with toys and food, a total of $2,000 was donated to the orphanages.
  • Clinics: Health clinics were set up at the provinces of Ninh Thuận and Bến Tre. Over 900 patients received important health services such as tests for blood pressure, glucose/cholesterol, EKG/ultrasound, dental screenings, medication, and much more.
  • We were able to provide 100 congenital heart disease screenings.
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8G Mission Trip – Summer 2014









  • Scholarships: A total of 71 scholarships worth $60 each were handed out to the students of Long An. After 8G gave out backpacks and school supplies, they got to play with the children as well.
  • Heart Program: Due to our continuous fundraisers and support, we were able to raise enough for 5 heart patients.
  • Orphanage: 8G visited both the Thiên Bình and Ky Quang Orphanage. Toys, food, and $1,000 were donated to the children at the orphanage. Not only that, but MEMO sponsored a birthday party for every child.
  • Clinics: Our MEMObers traveled to Hòn Mấu and An Sơn, island-bound villages in the Nam Du Archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand for health clinics. Over the course of 3 days, villagers were given opportunities to check their blood pressure, glucose/cholesterol, EKG/ultrasound, dental, pharmacy, and much more.
  • Hepatitis B Program: The Hepatitis B program makes its debut in Bệnh Viện Quận 2 with over 1,000 patients screened, vaccinated, and educated for Hepatitis B.
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7G Mission Trip – Summer 2013










  • Scholarships: The number of students from Duc Hue, Long An receiving scholarships remained at 70 this year. The scholarships will help the students stay in school for another year. All students were able to receive dental check ups after the award ceremony.
  • Heart Program: 5 young patients with congenital heart disease received life saving heart-surgeries this year.
  • Orphanage: Monetary support ($1000 each) were donated to Thien Binh Orphanage and Ky Quang Center for their upkeeps. Toys, toothpaste, and toothbrushes were also given out. In addition, the dental team had free dental check-ups for the Thien Binh Orphanage. Not only did the children had a day to smile and be kids for the day, they also had a smile that reflected the fun that they had with the 7G goers.
  • Clinics: Approximately 2,100 patients were seen among the four days of clinics in Ben Tre and Tien Giang. These patients were able to have their blood pressure and glucose/cholesterol levels measured, consult a doctor, get screened for EKG/Ultrasound, have a dental check up, and receive free medication from the pharmacy.
  • Transfer of Technology: All 32 boxes of medical supplies (the other 5 boxes contained toys and backpacks) were successfully transferred to the University Medical Center in Saigon. Ranging from catheters to crosser machine, every piece of medical technology was transferred over to the international hospital, where they would be used in various surgeries and treatments.
  • Dental: As opposed to the three dental clinics last year, the dental team had a total of six dental clinics this year! With all four clinic days, Thien Binh Orphanage, and the Due Hue scholarship students, each dental clinic was a huge success with the three dental mobile units.
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6G Mission Trip – Summer 2012









  • Scholarships: The number of students from Duc Hue, Long An receiving scholarships increased from 50 to 70 during 2011-2012. From the region’s reports this year, 100% of students from Duc Hue finished primary and secondary education, while 98% finished high school. Considering that the percentage of primary education graduates was only about 70% six years ago, that is a major improvement. In addition, around 40 students received dental check ups at the award ceremony.
  • Heart Program: Six young patients received life saving heart-surgeries this year.
  • Orphanage: Monetary support ($1000 each) were donated to the orphanage at Ky Quang Pagoda and Thien Binh orphanage for upkeep and maintenance. Toys, toothpaste, and toothbrushes were also given out to the children.
  • Clinics: Approximately 1,800 patients were seen between four days of clinics in Tan Dong and Long Son of Long An and My Tay Phuoc and Thanh Hoa of Tien Giang. These patients had their blood pressure measured, consulted a doctor, got screened for EKG/Ultrasound, had a dental check up (Long An only), and received free medications for their respective health conditions.
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5G Mission Trip – Summer 2011











  • Scholarships: In Bình Hòa Nam Elementary in Long An, 50 scholarships were given out to 50 students, allowing them to stay in school for another year to continue their education. Furthermore, one of the scholarship students, whom family had not have a house for 3 generations, received a house built by money sponsored by MEMO.
  • Heart Program: Two patients received heart surgery in order to treat congenital heart disease.
  • Orphanage: $1000 was donated to two orphanages, where volunteers were able to bring smiles to the children by gifting them with toys, stuffed animals, and playing soccer with them.
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4G Mission Trip – Summer 2010

  • Scholarships: 50 scholarships were given out.
  • Heart Program: Four patients received life saving heart surgery.
  • Orphanage: $1000 was donated to two orphanages.
  • Clinics: 2000 patients were seen in four clinic days.


3G Mission Trip – Summer 2009

  • Scholarships: 50 scholarships were given out.
  • Heart Program: Three heart surgeries were funded for.
  • Orphanage: $1000 each were given to four separate orphanages.
  • Clinics: 1358 patients were seen in three days of clinic.

2G Mission Trip – Summer 2008

  • Scholarships: 50 scholarships were given out.
  • Heart Program: Two patients received heart surgery for congenital heart disease.
  • Orphanage: $1000 each were given to two orphanages.
  • Clinics: 2000 patients were seen in three clinic days.

1G Mission Trip – 2007

  • Scholarships: 50 scholarships were given out.
  • Orphanage: $1000 was given to one orphanage as monetary support.
  • Clinics: 500 patients were seen in one day of clinic.